Capri is a tiny Italian Island, located 5km away from the bay of Naples. It is a spot of spectacular beauty and adventures.


There are ferries from Naples, Amalfi, Positano and Sorrento. The schedule of the boats are several times a day, earliest being 6.45am from Naples. The ferry takes maximum of one hour to make to the island.

How to Get Around?

It is more adventurous to get around Capri by foot if you are walk enthusiast. There are beautiful stairs and walkways which you may regret to miss. Do not worry, the walkways are signposted to inform you your location and destination.

Island buses are readily available at all points and are connected to various destinations of the island. Don’t expect the buses to be huge like in other European cities. The roads are narrow and meadows along the spectacular hills.

What You Should Not Miss
Grotta Azzurra

Grotta Azzura, the Blue Grotto, is a beautiful cave at the edge of the water with a tiny opening to the sea. The opening often opens and closes with the tide. There are small rowboats which are accessible to the cave. Each boat has a capacity of four people and sometimes five, if the group is not the fatty group. Once you are inside the cave, there can’t be anything more beautiful than the shinning blue lights from the water, illuminating the entire cave. The cost may vary but we paid 11 euro each during the summer of 2016. I used the trail from Anacapri to arrive at the Grotto. The pathway is easy with down slope and signposts at certain intervals. Walking through woods has always been amazing experience to me. I strongly recommend that the Blue Grotto is one of the ‘love-it’ and ‘not-to-miss’ places.

The Chairlift Ride

The Chairlift Ride from Anacapri to Monte Solaro is another unusual experience. If the weather is favorable, the views are spectacular over the bays of Naples. Passing over the private homes, one feels amazingly wonderful to view the pretty gardens and orchards underfoot, on the way up and down the mountain. The ride may take 15 minutes one way but you at least need 30 minutes to explore the sceneries from the mountain top. One way may be bit costlier but it is always better to book for both way. The mountain top is said to be very windy during the winter. If you are an extremist, it is for you. Generally, summer is the best time.

Capri also has beautiful villas and churches which are breathtaking to visit, such as, Villa Jovis, Church of Santa Maria del Soccurso and the Light House Tower.

If you sacrifice your lazy morning sleep and take an early ferry from Naples or spend a night on the island, you may not want to miss the sunrise over the mountains. The sky amazingly turns from deep violet to pink orange to gold. You won’t regret waking up early one day.

There are also other activities like swimming, water taxi, and yacht or go for a trekking along the jungle. There is a natural arch (Arco di Naturale) at one end of the forest. Italy is known for its beautiful arches and nature also has gifted one.


Some General Information

Capri is an expensive island. You should have a high tolerance for prices. It is better you carry edibles from Naples or visit some local grocery stores on the island away from touristic areas. It is not recommended to swim inside the Blue Grotto unless you are an expert or you are good at navigating with the tides. It can smash you on the wall anytime. The boaters ask for tips of 2 euro each, once you are out from the boat, you can compromise with one euro.


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