The Apulian town of Alberobello in the South East region of Italy is famous for its Trulli, for their unique characteristics and beauty. It is a representation of Italian folk culture.

What Can You Expect in Alberobello?

Most of the tourists visit this town to view the uniqueness of Trulli. The town is composed of numerous trulli interspersed among the buildings in surreal fashion. There are also many residential trulli where you can have an opportunity to interact with the locals.

The principle part of the town is entirely composed of over thousands of trulli. It looks like a hobbit town when viewed from some scenic points.

One day should be enough to explore the depth of town and ancient Italian folk culture represented in the form of unique houses. Some of the common and major trulli are located in Rione Monti and Aia Piccola which are extremely picturesque. There are also some churches to visit around for the reach of explorers.

There are several bars and few restaurants at the central regions where you can try some cuisines at reasonable prices. Also, along the main street, you can find several restaurants and pizzerias with more typical Italian cuisines. There is also a market displayed every Thursday for locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Reaching Alberobello

The nearest airports to the town are Bari and Brindisi. The nearest main city is Bari and is well connected to trains and busses. They are scheduled at certain intervals with prices ranging from 8 euro to 13 euro each. The travel takes approximately one hour. The google map gives a real time information on the travel schedule.


There are several hotels and hostels in the town but the prices are bit high. The best suggestion is to return to Bari or another main city nearby and spend the night and reasonably prices hostel and you will be in a better position to reach the next destination the next morning.


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