Located in South East of Italy, Bari is a port city and the capital of Puglia region. It is one of the major cities with some major touristic places nearby like Alberobello and Polignano a Mare.

What Can You Expect in Bari?

Though Bari is not a major place for exploration, it has a day’s worth of sightseeing. Old Bari, known as Vecchia Bari, is a common place for historical visits. Most of the explorations are centered in this place and you can possibly tour by foot which can give more exposure to the inner part of the city. You can dwell around the narrow streets and historic buildings, engaging with some locals. Take a walk along the waterfronts and also don’t miss some attractions like Palazzo del Catapano, Church of Saint Gregory and Cathedral of Saint Sabino.

The city itself doesn’t offer much for the travelers, but it is a center for exploring nearby beauties.  Within an hour of reach by a train or a bus with frequent schedules, there is Alberobello, a town common for its unique trullo buildings. You can read about the beauty of this town on Also, at the reach of 30 minutes, there is another beautiful town known as Pulignano a Mare, where there are ample of sightseeing and can experience the giant waves of Adriatic Sea lashing out.

The accommodations and food are relatively cheaper in Bari compared to other nearby attractions. There is also a small town at the reach of 20 minutes named Adelfia, which is worth to visit on Patron’s Day. November 9 is the start of a three day celebrations.

In Bari, the city’s main celebration of Saint Nicolas starts from May 6 to May 8. It consists of historical reconstructions, popular arts and music and many fireworks. The city sees the maximum number of visitors in this period.

My Experiences

My personal experience of the city was amazingly beautiful. I spent two nights of stay at a reasonably priced hostel located centrally. The nights are beautiful with greater view of port areas along the sea side. You can explore for accommodations in  I took one day trip to Alberobello and one day trip to Polignano a Mare, basing in Bari. I recommend everyone to at least spend one day in this amazing city of Italy.

How to Get in Bari?

The city is well-connected to airlines with an international airport located at the city. There are buses and metro services connecting the airport to the city center, with clear information on nearby stations.

You can also find train connections at if you are already in one of the Italian cities and prefer to use the train. There are high speed trains connecting to all major cities.

Also, there are several buses connecting to Bari. You can use to find the travel information. The real time information from google maps helps to greater extend as well.

By boat, there are several ferry connections from Greece, Montenegro, Croatia and Albania. Schedules of ferries are readily available at

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